Silicone Fluid

Silicone fluids are typically colorless and transparent liquids that possess remarkable heat resistance, cold resistance, electrical properties, and water resistance. They also possess unique attributes not found in the regular mineral and synthetic oils. These include mold release, water repellency, and antifoaming properties. As a result, silicone fluids find extensive applications in various industrial sectors, including transportation, chemicals, cosmetics, and office machinery.

Chemical Structure

Silicone fluids can be utilized in different forms based on processing needs or specific applications. They can be used as pure 100% materials, diluted with substances like halogenated hydrocarbons, aromatic compounds, or high-boiling white spirits. Alternatively, they can be used in emulsified form, typically as oil-in-water emulsions, often in low concentrations.

Silicone fluids properties

Heat resistance: Silicone fluids find specific applications where resistance to severe weather conditions is necessary. These fluids are selected for such purposes due to their ability to withstand extreme temperature changes, ranging from -60 °C to 300 °C. Additionally, they exhibit remarkable stability against various types of radiation, especially UV radiation, making them suitable for outdoor exposure.

Viscosity stability: The viscosity of the substance remains relatively constant across a wide range of temperatures.

Chemical stability: Silicone fluids possess an exceptional level of chemical inertness. When exposed to alkali solutions (up to 10%) or acidic solutions (up to 30%) at room temperature, they display negligible reactivity or adverse effects.

Non-corrosive and little effect on other materials: Silicone fluids exhibit little to no adverse effects on metals and a wide range of other materials.

Low surface tension: Silicone fluids possess significantly lower surface tension compared to water and other commonly used synthetic oils.

Silicone Fluids Applications

Silicone fluids are employed in various applications, including:

  • Preventing glossiness, skin irritation, and the formation of a silk-like appearance in coatings.
  • Providing water-repellent treatment for glass, metal, fibers, and powders.
  • Heating medium oil for solar systems.
  • Utilized as additives in a variety of cosmetic formulations.

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