Platinum-Cured Silicone: Benefits and Applications

Platinum-cured silicone is a type of silicone rubber that offers exceptional performance characteristics, making it an ideal material for various applications. This advanced silicone formulation utilizes platinum as a catalyst during the curing process, resulting in a superior end product with enhanced properties.

The Properties of Platinum-Cured Silicone

When platinum comes into contact with raw silicone, a reaction occurs between a hydride- and a vinyl-functional siloxane polymer, resulting in the formation of an ethyl bridge between the two. This bridge serves as the bonding agent that enhances the strength and durability of raw silicone. The absence of by-products in this reaction is a significant advantage over peroxide-cured silicone.

Platinum-cured silicone is highly regarded for applications where purity is crucial, such as medical equipment, food and beverage products, and, in our case, smoking pipes. When comparing platinum cure products to peroxide cure products, you can visibly observe the disparities. Due to the absence of by-products, platinum-cured silicone often appears clearer and less oily than peroxide-cured alternatives.

Moreover, platinum-cured silicone demonstrates superior elongation and tensile strength when compared to other curing methods. It excels in applications where the product may be exposed to high temperatures or tension over extended periods. It also allows for intricate customization and can achieve remarkable hardness when shaped into various products.

However, while platinum-cured silicone yields the highest quality end products, it does have a few drawbacks. Platinum-cure systems tend to be more expensive and require higher temperatures for curing. Additionally, they demand meticulous handling due to their susceptibility to contamination, which could impede the curing process. Consequently, extreme care must be taken when working with platinum-cured silicone. Nevertheless, the higher production cost and cleaner overall process result in a superior product that stands the test of time in the long run.

Platinum-Cured Silicone Application and Benefits

Platinum-cured silicone possesses unique characteristics that make it suitable for a wide array of potential applications, which include:

Processes that necessitate the ability to endure extreme temperatures, radiation, corona, ozone exposure, moisture, and/or steam. High-purity platinum-cured silicone finds extensive usage in the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology products, injectables, as well as food and beverage items.

Medical Applications:

Platinum silicone finds extensive application in the medical field, particularly in biotechnology. It is utilized for various purposes, including silicone respiratory masks, silicone infusion tubes, orthodontic braces, silicone intravenous lines (IV lines), and more. The material’s stability and non-toxic characteristics make it suitable for artificial prostheses and implants, such as breast augmentation, nasal splints, and other familiar artificial organs.

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Food Contact Applications:

With increasing concerns about food safety incidents and toxic plastics, consumers have shifted their attention to the safety of tableware. Platinum silicone, free from plasticizers and bisphenol A, has emerged as a preferred alternative for food-related applications. Its high-temperature resistance and unique properties make it ideal for cake-baking molds, spatulas, and other utensils. While platinum silicone is safe and non-toxic, it is still advisable to choose food-grade materials that have undergone FDA certification for added assurance.

Baby Products:

Many manufacturers previously used low-cost plastics to produce baby products like pacifiers and feeding bottle nipples. However, these cheap plastics may contain harmful substances, including plasticizers and bisphenol A. Given that these products come into direct contact with infants and young children, parents are increasingly concerned about their health implications. Consequently, more and more manufacturers are gradually transitioning to the use of platinum silicone, which is not harmful to the human body. This shift provides consumers with greater peace of mind when purchasing such products.

Processes that require long-term exposure to heat or tension, intricate customization, or exceptional hardness. Key features of platinum-cured silicone encompass high tear and tensile strength, minimal shrinkage, precise reproduction of fine details, and a broad range of hardness options.

As our awareness of health and environmental protection continues to grow, and with an increased focus on food safety, more and more large factories are embracing the use of safe and non-toxic platinum silicone. This allows consumers to make choices that offer greater security. While platinum silicone can be utilized in fields such as food, medical care, and infant and child products that demand high safety standards, it is still essential to collaborate with certified manufacturers.

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