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As a leading global company specializing in high-performance silicones and specialty products, Momentive is committed to enhancing the quality of life for individuals and fostering a sustainable future. Tireless dedication to progress fuels Momentive’s continuous global marketing and research and development efforts, resulting in groundbreaking innovations that drive our customers’ businesses forward and have a positive impact on every aspect of life, both today and in the future.

An extensive range of advanced silicone and specialty solutions play a vital role in enhancing performance across various industries, including agriculture, automotive, aerospace, electronics, personal care, consumer products, building, and construction, as well as specialized sectors such as specialty fluids, silanes, and additives… With over 80 years of experience in researching, developing, and manufacturing silicone and specialty materials, Momentive boasts a rich legacy of pioneering commercial silicone processes and products.

Headquartered in Niskayuna, New York, USA, Momentive operates a network of over 40 locations in more than 20 countries worldwide. This global presence enables Momentive to serve a diverse customer base comprising over 4,000 clients across 100-plus countries.

As an authorized master distributor, A1 Silicones provides all Momentive Silicone products. Our silicone portfolio covers a host of options to meet your requirements, such as Liquid Silicone Rubber, Heat Cure Rubber Silicone, RTV silicone, UV Cure Silicone, and Medical Grade Silicone. The advantage of Momentive silicone technologies compared with other silicone is their high heat resistance and wide operating temperature range. This, coupled with their low modulus, make them an ideal choice for protecting delicate components in particularly harsh environments, such as automotive and aerospace applications.

Products distributed by A1 Silicone


Liquid Silicone Rubber

A1 Silicone distributes Momentive’s liquid silicone rubber products such as UV LSR, Clear LSR, and RTV LSR,… to large and small factories, and businesses around the world.

Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) is a unique two-component system in which long polysiloxane chains are fortified with specially treated silica. LSRs are considered the material of choice for industries such as Automotive or Medical devices. In such cases, Liquid Injection Molding of LSRs becomes one of the most efficient processes for fabricators…

These features of products offer:

  • Fast cycle times
  • Ultra clear materials
  • High tear strength
  • Self-bonding options
  • The broad range of durometers (3 to 80 Shore A)
  • Self-lubrication
  • Fluorinated LSR co-polymer
  • Electrical conductivity
  • Excellent insulation and tracking resistance

Application of Liquid Silicone Rubber

Liquid silicone rubber is an incredibly flexible substance with a multitude of uses, and its potential continues to expand as novel applications are explored and evaluated regularly. It serves as a vital component in the production of healthcare-related items, automotive parts, electronics and consumer goods, as well as gaskets and various other hardware. Additionally, it finds wide application in numerous other industries and markets.

Heat Cure Rubber (HCR)

Heat Cured Rubber, also referred to as HCR (High Consistency Rubber), is a type of silicone elastomer created from long chains with exceptionally high molecular weights. This system can be cured through the use of an organic peroxide crosslinker or a platinum catalyst. HCR demonstrates remarkable resilience against both high temperatures and the effects of aging

These features of products offer:

  • Enhanced mechanical performance
  • High clarity
  • Low hysteresis and high resilience coupled with low compression set for highly mechanical operations
  • One component, ready-to-use options
  • The broad range of durometers


HCR can be customized extensively by adding various additives, making it a versatile solution for a wide range of established and emerging applications across industries such as aerospace, automotive, healthcare, oil and gas, construction, and electronics.

Notable recent examples include the utilization of heat transfer additives for electric vehicles, electrically conductive materials for power or consumer electronics, and antibacterial solutions for healthcare purposes.

In the automotive industry, manufacturers of cables have increasingly turned to silicone rubber HCR instead of other polymers like TPU/TPE and XLPE. This preference ensures longer aging times under high temperatures and ease of installation in the compact spaces prevalent in newer-generation automobiles. Cables made with HCR can meet the requirements arising from continuous innovation in the electric vehicle sector, particularly for connecting the engine and the battery.

In summary, HCR’s exceptional properties find applications in various industrial sectors. It is utilized for sealing and piping in fluid circuitry, including joints in building construction, aeronautical applications, automotive gaskets, boots, and hoses. HCR is also employed for electrical protection purposes, such as safety cables for office equipment, insulators for electrotechnical applications, spark plug boots, and cables and connectors in automotive applications. Additionally, HCR is used in food, pharmaceutical, and biomedical applications, including the production of tubes and profiled section


The exceptional properties of silicone enable Momentive’s materials, including their LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber) and HCR-based technologies, to not only meet but surpass the demanding performance requirements of electric vehicles across a wide range of e-mobility applications. With extensive industry knowledge and technical expertise, Momentive is well-equipped to assist customers and industry partners in achieving success. Some of the crucial material characteristics that play a key role in addressing and solving complex challenges are as follows:

  • High Thermal Stability
  • Low compression set without post-cure
  • Self-lubricating properties
  • Low viscosity
  • Fast cure
  • Low modulus
  • Increased crack resistance
  • Outstanding resistance to aging
  • Easy to color
  • Self-bonding
  • Thermal conductivity


When a formulation requires the desirable properties of silicone alongside a significant water content, Momentive’s emulsions serve as an effective delivery mechanism. Silicone emulsions offer various benefits in different applications:

Personal Care Products: Silicone emulsions, such as Silsoft*, can enhance the lubricity and sensory experience of personal care items. They aid in deposition from rinse-off products and can potentially assist leave-on conditioners in providing detangling and smoothing effects. Silsoft emulsions also contribute moisturizing properties to both hair care and skin care products, and some can even be added to existing formulations after production.

Food and Beverage Industry: Momentive’s emulsions are valuable in the production of beverages, juices, sauces, condiments, and flavorings. These emulsions not only help meet stringent regulatory standards but also enhance productivity by potentially reducing processing time, lowering maintenance costs, and prolonging machinery service life. Quality and purity are prioritized in these applications.

Oil and Gas, Textile Industries: SAG* and SagTex* antifoam emulsions are tailored for the oil and gas and textile sectors. These emulsions demonstrate exceptional stability at high temperatures, minimizing equipment clogging or scaling and reducing maintenance requirements.

Mold-Release Agents: Momentive’s mold-release emulsions provide numerous benefits, including easy release, low volatility, good lubricity, and high-temperature stability. These emulsions are particularly useful in manufacturing processes where the efficient release of molded products is crucial.

Industrial Applications: Reactive silicone emulsions from Momentive are indispensable in various industrial applications. They are utilized in the creation of polishes, household cleaners, fiber and thread lubricants, nonwoven textile treatments, softeners, and modifiers. These emulsions offer versatility and enable customized solutions.

Momentive emulsions often feature higher solids content compared to competing products, allowing for high performance with lower usage levels.

Discover how Momentive emulsions can deliver the benefits of silicone to your specific industry and explore the potential applications.

A1 Silicones is an authorized distributor of Momentive, a leading company in the field of silicone manufacturing. With years of experience, A1 Silicone has built a reputation and trust in providing genuine silicone products. We are committed to providing our customers with high-quality products that meet international standards. If you are looking for quality and reliable silicone products, contact us at A1 Silicones.

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