UV Cure Liquid Silicone Rubber

UV Cure Liquid Silicone Rubber is an innovative type of rubber that provides rapid curing at lower temperatures.

Unlike traditional rubber that relies on heat for crosslinking, this rubber undergoes crosslinking through a photochemical reaction initiated by UV light. It offers the advantage of being able to undergo the curing process without the need for additional heat, making it suitable for injection molding using specialized molds or extrusion techniques.

About UV Cure Liquid Silicone Rubber

UV liquid silicone rubbers (LSR) are special types of liquid silicone rubbers that consist of two components and have a mixing ratio of 100:2. These rubbers are designed to be molded quickly at low temperatures using a standard injection molding process combined with UV light. This curing method allows for the rapid curing of cross sections ranging from 5 to 100 mm, resulting in short cycle times.

By utilizing UV light for curing, UV liquid silicone rubbers provide several properties:

Firstly, the curing process is faster compared to conventional heat-curing methods.

Secondly, UV curing enables the production of complex shapes and thin-walled parts with high precision.

Additionally, the low processing temperatures help minimize energy consumption and reduce the potential for thermal damage to sensitive materials.

Typical Benefits of UV Cure Liquid Silicone Rubber

UV Cure Silicone Rubbers offer several key features and typical benefits:

Biocompatibility: UV Cure LSR meet biocompatibility standards such as USP Class VI and ISO10993. This makes them suitable for applications involving direct or indirect contact with human tissues or fluids.
Compatibility with low-temperature substrates and additives: UV cure silicone rubbers can be used in conjunction with low-temperature substrates and additives without causing damage or degradation. This expands the range of materials and components that can be combined with silicone rubber.

Energy savings: UV Cure LSR can be processed at lower temperatures compared to conventional molding processes. This can result in energy savings during the manufacturing process.

Rapid curing of thick cross sections: UV Cure LSR is capable of curing thick cross sections at a faster rate compared to traditional molding processes. This reduces the overall cycle time required for production.

Bubble-free curing of thick cross sections: UV Cure LSR has the ability to cure thick cross sections without the formation of microbubbles. This ensures the integrity and quality of the cured silicone rubber, particularly in applications where air entrapment is a concern.

Overmolding onto temperature-sensitive electronics: Low viscosity allows liquid silicone rubber to be pumped and used efficiently in the injection molding process, which can be used for over-molding onto temperature-sensitive electronic components. The low curing temperatures of UV cure silicone rubbers minimize the risk of damage to sensitive electronics during the manufacturing industrial process.

These features and benefits make UV Cure LSR a versatile and efficient choice for various applications, including medical devices, electronics, and other industries where biocompatibility, rapid curing, and compatibility with temperature-sensitive substrates are crucial factors.

Potential Applications of UV Cure Liquid silicone rubber

UV cure liquid silicone rubber has several potential applications, including:

IV Components: UV Cure LSR can be used to create components for intravenous (IV) systems. These may include valves, connectors, and tubing, which need to be durable, flexible, and resistant to fluids.

Wearable Electronics: With the increasing popularity of wearable electronics, UV Cure LSR can be employed to manufacture flexible and comfortable electronic devices such as smartwatches, fitness trackers, and electronic textiles. Its excellent flexibility and high precision capabilities make it suitable for creating custom-fit wearable devices.

Catheters, Drains, and Tubing: UV cure liquid silicone rubber is an ideal material for producing medical devices such as catheters, drains, and tubing. These devices require biocompatibility, flexibility, and excellent dimensional stability, all of which can be achieved with UV Cure Silicone

Hard-Soft Material Combinations: UV cure liquid silicone rubber can be used to create hard-soft material combinations, also known as overmolding or two-shot molding. This technique involves combining a rigid substrate with a soft silicone layer, resulting in products with enhanced comfort, impact resistance, and grip. This application is commonly seen in the production of handles, grips, and tooling.

Pharmaceutical and Laboratory Stoppers: It is used to produce stoppers for pharmaceutical vials and laboratory equipment. These stoppers require excellent chemical resistance, low extractable substances, and a secure seal to maintain the integrity of the contents.

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