What Is RTV-1 Silicone?

RTV-1 Silicone is a one-component, Room Temperature Vulcanization silicone rubber that cures at room temperature. RTV-1 silicones are extremely user-friendly and can be easily applied without any special preparation. These silicones are particularly well-suited for critical applications where convenience and quick curing time are essential factors.

Chemical Structure

RTV-1 silicones consist of a blend of polydimethylsiloxanes, crosslinking agents that create a three-dimensional network, fillers, and auxiliaries. When exposed to moisture in the atmosphere, the crosslinking process is initiated, resulting in the elimination of undesirable byproducts. Initially, a surface film forms, and then the crosslinking reaction gradually progresses deeper into the silicone rubber compound. The specific byproduct formed, which occurs in small quantities, depends on the type of crosslinking agent used and may be an amine, acetic acid, or a neutral compound like alcohol.

RTV-1 Silicone Properties

RTV-1 silicone rubbers are highly versatile and practical for a wide range of sealing, bonding, and coating operations. They offer various levels of adhesion, from controlled to self-adhesion, and can be adjusted to achieve Shore A hardness values ranging from 18 to 60. These silicones also exhibit impressive elongation at break, ranging from 150% up to 700%.

What sets RTV-1 silicones apart is their exceptional chemical properties, which make them resistant to harsh weather conditions and other aggressive environments. They age well, maintaining their original properties far better than alternative products like plastics or other polymers. In addition, RTV-1 silicones can withstand extreme temperatures, thanks to the incorporation of special additives. This adaptability enables them to excel in even the most challenging applications.

RTV-1 Silicone Applications

The primary advantage of utilizing RTV-1 silicones in critical applications lies in their exceptional resistance to high temperatures and chemicals, making them ideal for sealing and bonding various mechanical components. These remarkable properties enable outstanding performance levels, exhibiting resistance to engine and gearbox fluids while providing excellent adhesion to diverse parts composed of metals and plastics.

Many automotive customers rely on RTV-1 silicones to seal car engines and gearboxes, which are subjected to mechanical strain, aggressive chemical fluids, and extreme temperature fluctuations. The characteristics of RTV-1 silicones significantly contribute to the integrity and durability of engines under such harsh conditions, leading to their integration into numerous global automotive OEM specifications.
Similarly, these silicones find intensive usage in the aeronautics and aerospace industries, serving similar sealing and bonding functions.

Certain types of RTV-1 silicones possess a chemically neutral curing system, ensuring no oxidation upon contact with metals. Consequently, they are extensively employed in the bonding and protection of electronic components. These neutral RTV-1 silicones are odorless and well-suited for creating safe and non-toxic work environments. Their rapid skin formation time aligns with industrial requirements, such as just-in-time scheduling, allowing for greater flexibility in interdependent processes.

RTV-1 silicones find applications in construction, industrial sealing and bonding, gaskets, healthcare products, and more. Their effectiveness spans almost all sealing, bonding, and coating tasks, making them widely used in demanding industries and under the harshest conditions, including automotive, construction, electrical equipment, electronics, and textiles.

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