RTV-2 Liquid Silicone Rubber

What is RTV-2 Liquid Silicone Rubber?

RTV 2 (Room Temperature Vulcanizing) liquid silicone rubber is a type of two-component silicone rubber that cures at room temperature to form a solid, flexible rubber material. When these two parts are mixed, they react and create the desired properties of the silicone.
The characteristics of RTV-2 silicones, such as viscosity, adherence, and resistance to mechanical stress, chemicals, or temperature, can be tailored according to specific requirements. It is commonly used in various industries, including mold-making, prototyping, and industrial manufacturing.

Chemical structure of RTV-2 Liquid Silicone Rubber

RTV-2 liquid silicone rubber is a material that is in a liquid or paste-like state. Once mixed and allowed to cure at room temperature, it transforms into one of three different physical forms: solid elastomers, gels, or flexible foams.
RTV-2 typically includes silicone linear polymers, reinforcing mineral fillers or silicone resins, a crosslinker, a catalyst, and an inhibitor to control the working time of the mixture, so that can be processed. The cross-linking process is initiated by mixing the two components and can occur through condensation, using an organic-tin catalyst that generates alcohol, or through an addition reaction with a platinum catalyst that doesn’t produce any by-products. A recent trend in the industry is to replace organic-tin catalysts with other organic compounds.

The Properties of RTV Liquid Silicone Rubber

RTV-2 silicone products possess a series of high-performance characteristics such as:

Good Flow Ability and Long Working Time: RTV 2 Liquid Silicone Rubber exhibits excellent flow properties, allowing it to fill intricate molds and complex replica parts. It also has a longer working time, which enables users to handle and pour the material more easily.

High Tear and Tensile Strength: The cured RTV-2 silicone rubber demonstrates impressive tear and tensile strength, enabling it to withstand stretching, pulling, and other mechanical stresses without easily tearing or deforming.

High-temperature resistance: These elastomers maintain their flexibility from a bone-chilling -80 °C all the way up to a scorching +250 °C, with certain variants even capable of withstanding brief exposures to temperatures as high as 300 °C. At the other end of the scale, specific types of RTV-2 silicones can drop as low as -100 °C. It is worth noting that these products only disintegrate at temperatures surpassing 350 °C,

When compared to other materials that serve the same purpose, such as Polyurethane, silicone offers significant advantages due to its excellent thermal resistance. Moreover, silicone formulations exhibit outstanding fire resistance, making them highly suitable for protecting electronic systems, where fire resistance is often a necessary requirement.

Acid and Alkali Resistance: RTV-2 silicone exhibits resistance to acids and alkalis, making it suitable for use in environments where exposure to corrosive substances is likely. This characteristic ensures the material’s longevity and performance in such conditions.

Easy Demolding from Complex Replica Parts: Thanks to its good flow ability and flexibility, RTV silicone rubber allows for easy demolding from intricate replica parts. This makes it suitable for applications where precise replication is required.

Low Linear Shrinkage: During the curing process, RTV silicone experiences minimal linear shrinkage, which helps maintain the dimensional stability and accuracy of the final product.

They are ideal materials for molding, printing, and prototyping applications.

The Applications of RTV-2 liquid silicone rubber

RTV-2 liquid silicone rubber is highly suitable for a wide range of applications involving sealing, bonding, and coating. They find extensive use in the following areas:

Mold making: RTV-2 silicones are commonly employed in creating molds for various industries, allowing for the production of intricate shapes and details.

Household appliances: The formulations of RTV2 are utilized in sealing and bonding applications for household appliances, ensuring effective protection against moisture, heat, and other environmental factors.

Health-care applications: RTV-2 biocompatible products are used to manufacture silicone adhesives for skin-care products, such as bandages and sterile dressings for wounds on various substrates, and are used in medical device manufacturing, prosthetics, dental applications, and other areas where biocompatibility and durability are critical.

Mechanical engineering: RTV-2 products are utilized in mechanical engineering for sealing components, providing resistance against vibration, temperature variations, and chemicals.

Industrial process engineering: These formulations find application in industrial processes such as gaskets, potting, encapsulation, and protection of electronic components in harsh environments.

Lighting technology: RTV-2 silicones are employed in the manufacturing of lighting fixtures and assemblies, offering excellent thermal stability, moisture resistance, and optical clarity.

Electronics: RTV-2 formulations are widely used in the electronics industry for encapsulating and protecting electronic circuits and components from moisture, contaminants, and mechanical stress.

Optoelectronics: These silicones are utilized in optoelectronic devices, such as optical sensors, lenses, and displays, providing optical transparency, stability, and protection against external factors.

Solar/Photovoltaics: RTV-2 silicones are crucial in the solar and photovoltaic industry for encapsulating solar cells, modules, and junction boxes, ensuring long-term durability and protection against harsh environmental conditions.

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