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In 1953, Shin-Etsu Chemical embarked on a groundbreaking journey as the first company in Japan to venture into the silicone industry. Over the ensuing decades, Shin-Etsu has meticulously crafted a diverse range of products, capitalizing on the numerous advantageous properties of silicones. Presently, Shin-Etsu proudly offers an extensive portfolio of over 5,000 products, tailored to cater to a wide array of industries such as electrical/electronics manufacturing, automotive manufacturing, construction, cosmetics, healthcare, and the chemical industry.

Expanding beyond the borders of Japan, our operations have spread to various countries across the globe. With production facilities and sales offices established in the United States, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, and the Netherlands, we have established a comprehensive supply network that grants us direct access to regional markets. This framework enables them to effectively meet the needs and demands of customers worldwide. As a result, Shin-Etsu achieved the remarkable distinction of becoming Japan’s leading silicone manufacturer and a prominent player on the global stage.

For over 60 years, since the inception of the Shin-Etsu Silicone brand, their unwavering objective has been to continually explore innovative avenues to harness the immense potential of silicones, ultimately benefitting our customers’ businesses.

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Product Group provided by A1 Silicones

Silicone fluids

Silicone fluids are transparent liquids that are typically colorless. They possess exceptional resistance to heat, cold, and moisture. Moreover, silicone fluids exhibit minimal changes in viscosity over a wide range of temperatures, and they boast excellent electrical properties. Additionally, they are renowned for their mold-releasing ability, water-repellency, lubrication, and defoaming properties.

Key Features

Heat Resistance: Silicone fluids demonstrate remarkable stability in the face of thermal oxidation.

Cold Resistance: Silicone fluids maintain their integrity even in low temperatures. Specifically, methyl phenyl silicone fluid, designed for use in cold environments, remains fluid at temperatures as low as -65°C.

Viscosity Stability: Silicone fluids experience minimal variations in viscosity across a broad temperature spectrum.

Chemical Stability: Silicone fluids exhibit almost complete chemical inertness. They are hardly affected by alkali solutions (up to 10%) or acidic solutions (up to 30%) at room temperature.

Non-Corrosive and Compatibility: Silicone fluids have negligible adverse effects on metals and various other materials.

Low Surface Tension: Silicone fluids possess significantly lower surface tension compared to water and other commonly used synthetic oils.

Typical Products

KF-96L, KF-96A, KF-96, KF-96H Grade is used in General purpose
KF-69 is an application in paint additive
KF-99 is used in water-repellency treatment
KF-54, KF-965, and KF-968 grade is an application in High-temperature

Silicone Greases and Oil Compounds

Silicone greases are formulated by combining silicone fluid as a base oil with various additives and fillers, such as metal soap. These greases demonstrate thermal oxidation stability across a wide temperature range and provide effective moisture resistance. They are primarily used for lubrication purposes.

Silicone oil compounds, on the other hand, possess a grease-like consistency and are produced by blending silica powder and other materials into a base oil of silicone fluid. Similar to silicone greases, these compounds exhibit thermal oxidation stability over a broad temperature range. Additionally, they boast outstanding electrical properties and water repellency. Silicone oil compounds find applications primarily in electrical insulators, seals, heat dissipation, and water repellency.

Key Features

Heat and Cold Resistance: Due to the excellent heat and cold resistance of the silicone fluid base oil, both silicone greases and oil compounds have high drop points, minimal oil separation, and low volatile content.

Moisture Resistance: These products offer notable resistance to water and moisture. Silicone greases can be submerged underwater for extended periods without undergoing significant internal changes, although the surface may turn white.

Safety: The chemically inert nature of the silicone fluid base oil ensures that these products pose minimal risks to humans and animals.

Efficiency: Silicone greases and oil compounds demonstrate excellent performance in their respective applications.

Typical Products

Category Applications Grade



Low-temperature lubrication G-30 Series
High-temperature lubrication G-40 Series
Plastic lubrication G-501
Adhesive applications
(torque, damper)
G-330 Series
G-340 Series
G-630 Series
Oil compounds Electrical insulation, seals KS-62F
Insulator protection in salty air, electrical insulation KS-63G

Silicone Resins

Silicone resins are characterized by their three-dimensional network structure at the molecular level. Primarily used as resins, they possess exceptional properties that make them suitable for various applications. When applied as coatings or paints, silicone resins create films that exhibit remarkable heat resistance, weatherability, dielectric properties, and water repellency. They are available in a range of consistencies, ranging from high-viscosity liquids to solid forms. Silicone resins are widely employed to enhance durability, safety, and reliability in electrical and other industries.

Properties as Resins:

Heat Resistance: Silicone resins can withstand temperatures of up to 250°C without compromising their structural integrity.

Weatherability: They exhibit good resistance to UV rays, making them suitable for outdoor applications where exposure to sunlight is a concern.

Hardness: The three-dimensional network structure of silicone resins enables them to form hard films, providing durability and protection.

Water Repellency: Silicone resins produce films with excellent water repellency, particularly those containing methyl groups. This property enhances their performance in moisture-prone environments.

Dielectric Properties: Silicone resins display outstanding dielectric properties over a wide range of temperatures, making them ideal for applications requiring reliable electrical insulation.

Typical Products

Applications Grade
Heat resistant and
flame retardant binders
Moisture proofing and
insulating coatings
Heat resistant paints KR-282
Resin modification KR-480
Heat resistant paints ES-1023

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